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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The build committee has been working hard to get the garden beds ready for planting, and the membership committee has been busy coordinating plot offers.

The drainage (gravel and sand) and landscape fabric have been installed in each of the garden beds. The team is working to confirm soil delivery for later this week, along with water delivery.

The membership committee is currently awaiting responses on round two of the plot offers. Any remaining plots from round two will be offered in round three this Thursday. Anyone who does not get offered a plot this year, don't give up! There is an option to expand the garden next year and if there is enough energy to do so, there may be more plots next year.

The video below shows delivery of the gravel...the slinger saved a lot of manual wheelbarrow effort!

The gravel and sand was manually levelled before another layer of landscape fabric was added.


We have posted another volunteer role that we urgently require: an Email monitor. Details are on the "Get Involved" tab. Please email if you are interested!

Also, there has been a delay in the soil delivery due to COVID, so the opening date of the gardet has been pushed out at least two weeks...opening date still TBD.


The deadline for expressing your interest in a plot is May 16th. After that date, we will use a lottery to determine who gets a plot. We are using this approach rather than first come first served so that those who just recently heard about our community garden are not at a disadvantage. Note that:

  • plots are 4' x 8'

  • there are no fences around the garden or plots

  • water has to be carried to your plot from a central tank

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

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