Board of Directors

These are the seven Directors of the first permanent Board for Goldenrod Community Garden in alphabetical order:

Barbara Sharp, Carmela Grande (on leave), Martin Conley-Wood (on leave), Matthew Doody, Sara Chen-Wing, Susan McCelland, Tanya Salewski


Their responsibilities are:

  • President: Sara Chen-Wing

  • Secretary: Carmela Grande

  • Treasurer: Tanya Salewski (with Martin Conley-Wood as apprentice treasurer)

  • Registrar: Barbara Sharp

  • Garden Coordinators: Matthew Doody, Susan McClelland

  • Events Lead: Matt Doody

  • Communications Lead: TBC

  • Fundraising Lead: TBC

  • Properties Leads: Barbara Sharp, Martin Conley-Wood, with Dietrich Sider remaining as Lead of the Build Committee

Board Meeting Minutes