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Greetings fellow gardeners!

Catherine O’Toole, here. Just want to let you know that this will be my last newsletter for 2021. Going forward, newsletters will come out on an as-needed basis. It has been an absolute pleasure writing these newsletters and I thank all interviewees, donors, other contributors, editors and photographers. My goal during Covid was to provide a newsletter that helped, in some small way, to build a sense of community and common purpose for members and Friends of the Garden. Cheers to all!

Parkdale Food Centre - Harvest Tuesday

Like last week, there will be one pickup time this week by the PFC on Tuesday evening. If you have any surplus produce, please leave it in the shade by the rain barrel by Tuesday at 7:30pm. Thank you!

New Board of Directors of the Garden

The garden's first Annual General Meeting is coming up on October 6th. If you're interested in helping the garden be even better in its second year, nominate yourself to be one of the nine members of the Board! It is only a 12-month commitment, and both plot members and Friends of the Garden are eligible to serve. Email or reply to this email if you're interested or have questions.

Two Major Donor Profiles

Stokely Design Associates Inc./Michael Stokely

Michael Stokely is Principal and Creative Director of Stokely Design Associates Inc. (SDAI). He leads a team of design professionals dedicated to helping public and private sector organizations with clear, compelling brand communications.

Michael is a citizen of the world and he has a generous heart. Michael has traveled extensively through Europe and Asia. Much of his travel involves cycling and much of his cycling is for charity. He and his company proudly support a select group of charitable organizations including Cycle for Sight, Tour for Kids and now - Goldenrod Community Garden. We are grateful for his generous donation.

For Michael Stokely and SDAI, relationship is everything. According to Michael, they build strong relationships and most of them last for years, with clients, employees and charitable organizations. “We’re in it for the long ride.”

Please discover more about Stokely Design Associates Inc.: click here

CSW Landscape Architects

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 1975, CSW has helped shape the look and feel of Canada’s Capital through its role in the planning and design of many of Ottawa’s great urban spaces, parks, commercial centres, transportation networks, campuses, hospitals and communities.

CSW’s goal is simple - to design and plan wonderful environments in which people can live, work and play. And they are succeeding - for over 40 years and a portfolio of over 6,000 projects.

CSW’s principals, including Jerry Corush and Anne-Claude Schellenberg, shape the city in other ways, too; via their targeted charitable giving. Goldenrod Community Garden is very grateful for their support.

You can find out more about CSW here.

Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment

The community associations representing Wellington Village, Champlain Park, Hintonburg and Mechanicsville have formed Neighbours for Tunney’s to focus on Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment-related issues. Click this link for more information.

Community Resources, Responding with Compassion

As we continue to educate ourselves on sharing the public space that is Goldenrod, members have found these 2 links very helpful.


Remember to visit the Kitchissippi outdoor Community Fridge. The rules of community fridges are simple: take what you need, leave what you can. Please find more information here.

Add your name to the Plot Waitlist for 2022

Become a Friend of the Goldenrod Community Garden

Anyone can become a Friend; you don’t have to have a plot or even live in Kitchissippi. Please find more information here.


We hope your garden has produced much this season: fruits, vegetables, joy, disovery, community connection, and more. It is nearing time to close-out your garden plot in preparation for Fall Clean-up day on October 16th.

To help guide you as to what to do, please refer to the guidelines that our Membership Engagement Committee has prepared for us.

GCG Close Out Guidance
Download DOCX • 16KB


This week, there will be just one pickup this week for the Parkdale Food Centre: Tuesday, September 7th before 7pm. Gather your surplus produce tomorrow and leave it in the shade beside the rain barrel. It will be gathered up Tuesday night and picked up for PFC Wednesday morning.

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