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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Member Engagement Committee

We are launching the Membership Engagement Committee to plan events and activities primarily for members: both members and Friends of the GCG (non-plot members), and to possibly extend some events to the broader community. This committee will coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Committee to organize and communicate events.

Events and activities may include educational webinars, seed and plant exchanges, mentorship matching, and eventually community events, such as potlucks, or picnic and learn, as well as other ideas folks may have. All events must be presented to the Board of Directors for approval prior to proceeding, and must meet all health restrictions currently in place.

This committee will also be responsible for planning the yearly Garden opening and closing, and assisting the Board in preparing for the Annual General Meeting and a GCG visioning event anticipated for this fall.

If you are interested in either leading or joining this committee, please complete this form by the end of the week.

Friends of the GCG

Anyone interested in supporting or getting involved in the garden community, but who does not have a plot, is invited to join as a Friend of the Goldenrod Community Garden. For as little as $10, Friends of the GCG will be included on member communications and be invited to all events. To become a member, complete this form.

Wait List Update, June 2021

Goldenrod Community Garden (GCG) membership committee is proud to announce that all of the plots for the 2021 season have been filled. Current gardeners have until the July 1st deadline to plant their garden plot and, at present, there remains a possibility that a few plots will be offered at that time. Offers will go out as soon as possible to existing wait list gardeners.


Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It has been such a delight to visit the garden and see our members planting, watering, weeding, and nurturing plants and meeting new neighbours. Thank you to all the volunteers, many of whom gave and are giving their time and do not have a plot.

Message from the Interim Board

Welcome everyone to Goldenrod Community Garden. We have just started. Over the summer, there will be more building in the garden. We will grow our plants and get to know each other a little better. The garden is currently being run by an interim board and has several committees working to help the garden get up and running including communications, build, membership, and fundraising. Our interim board meets every 1-2 weeks right now. Stay tuned for future notices for the meeting for anyone who wants to come and listen on Zoom. A visioning session is planned for the garden in the fall as well as a general meeting where the garden's first formal board will be elected.

Water tanks are almost empty

As of the afternoon of June 12th, the water tanks are almost depleted. We went through the water a lot more quickly than expected, which has budget implications. We ask that you conserve water as much as possible and use mulch. We are looking into sourcing some mulch for our garden.

Less frequent watering helps plants to develop good root structures. In general plants do not need to be watered everyday. See these links for tips on watering.

Gardeners should plan to bring their own water to their plot until our water supplier can fill the tanks, which is expected to be on Tuesday for sure, and if his schedule permits he may be able to do so late Monday.

Non-plot members

Non-plot members will soon be welcomed. For $10, per year, anyone (even those outside of Kitchissippi) can become a non-plot member of the GCG. Members may pay more if they wish to support community gardeners for whom the plot fee is a barrier.

Membership engagement

We will soon be convening a committee for membership engagement to plan and hold virtual gatherings such as plant and seed swapping, presentations/talks on gardening.

We have launched a private Facebook group to help members interact with one another. If you are a member and want to join the Facebook group, please send a message to to have an invitation sent to you to join the group.

Shed build coming

The tool shed is coming! Construction will take place on site June 18, 19, 20.

Friday night: receiving and moving lumber. Some cutting with power tools may also take place

all day Saturday and most of Sunday: constructing a shed.

Some work will take place in the open area near the pallet storage, and the rest will take place in the shed location, beside the clump of 4 water tanks. Power tools and a generator will be in use for a good part of the time.

We ask members to exercise caution and provide the volunteers space to work safely.

Social gatherings at the garden site are not permitted

A reminder of the COVID-19 Guidelines that all members agreed to. Social gatherings are not permitted on the GCG site. To help with physical distancing, we ask garden members to avoid gathering with other members within the garden site (beyond a quick hello). We are finding the garden to be busy. Thank you for your cooperation.


The Goldenrod Community Garden Interim Board of Directors would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this garden a reality. Through your assistance and efforts we have been able to raise over $10000, build and fill the beds and water tanks required to get the garden going, engage community members and partners, and establish an equitable and simple process for garden members to get access to plots, and so much more. These are just the first steps in what promises to be a cornerstone for building community in the area. For the volunteers remaining as active members of the garden we very much look forward to continuing to work with you and to the day when we can meet and give you our thanks in person. For those who selflessly offered your time and labour but are not going to remain active members of the garden we add a special thanks and appreciate that you have gifted us with your time and labour, to help establish a garden that will provide many in the community with a source of fresh food throughout the summer for years to come. Sincerely, Susan Harvey Interim President Goldenrod Community Garden

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