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Today at 4:52, we received notice that the last box is filled! Thank you for your patience. Now, everyone who has an assigned plot can plant. There is extra soil for top up, etc. in a pile to the side.

extra soil for top up, etc. In a pile to the side.


It has been so nice to see people in the garden planting, watering, and chatting this weekend!

The soil slinger is expected back on site tomorrow to fill the beds that do not yet have soil. The slinger will be there as early as 7:30 am tomorrow (Monday), and may also be there in the afternoon. Please use common sense if you are at the garden when the soil slinger is there.

As well, ticks have been reported at the garden site. Please remember to use precautions and check for ticks.

Here is some information about black legged tickes from Ottawa Public Health.


Almost all the plots are allocated, and more soil was delivered today. Not all the beds have soil, however, our build coordinators are working hard to get the soil for the last 15 beds by early next week.. The garden should be open for planting this weekend!

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