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NEW SITE for 2024

GCG has agreed to operate a new (second) site to be built at the corner of Parkdale Ave and Bullman St at the previous site of 272 and 274 Parkdale Avenue, just south of Scott St.

How long will the garden be active?

Richcraft is building the temporary community garden on a piece of land that they plan to develop.  We expect the garden to be in place for 2-5 years until Richcraft is ready to start development.  Richcraft will do their best to provide sufficient notice to allow the garden to continue until the end of the gardening season before it is closed for development. When it closes, all Parkdale-Bullman plot holders who would like a plot at Goldenrod will be put at the top of the waiting list, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide everyone with a plot in the following season.

Who will build the garden

Richcraft are responsible for construction of the garden.  The garden will include 

  • Garden beds, with at least 20% designed to be accessible

  • A small shed

  • A water tap

  • Compost bins

  • A seating area

When will the garden open

Richcraft are hoping to have the garden ready for planting by the May long weekend.

How will the garden be run

The garden will be operated as a second site of Goldenrod Community Garden.  Running costs of the garden will be paid for out of the revenue from plot fees.  Plot holders at both sites will sign the same membership agreement and will have the same membership rights as part of Goldenrod Community Garden.  Fees will be the same for plot holders at both sites.  There are lots of ways that members can volunteer to help to operate the garden and build the garden community.

How will plants be watered

The garden will have a single water tap, which we expect to be located in the area near the accessible beds.  All watering will be done by watering cans – hoses will not be permitted.  

Who can sign up for a plot at Parkdale-Bullman 

Any resident of Kitchissippi Ward may sign up for a plot.  In order to offer access to as many people as possible, we restrict plots to one per household – across both garden sites.  Plot holders at Goldenrod must give up their plot if they wish to have a plot at Parkdale-Bullman instead.  If sites remain available in mid-June, they will be offered as second temporary plots to existing plot holders at either site. 

How do I sign up for a plot at Parkdale-Bullman

You can add your name to the waiting list on our website.  We expect to start sending out offers once we have a firm date for the garden to open.

How much will a plot at Parkdale-Bullman cost

Plot fees will be the same at both Goldenrod and Parkdale-Bullman.  For 2024, all plots will be offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a minimum fee of $10 and a recommended payment of $55.

I am on a restricted income – how much will planting a garden cost me?

Gardening can be a very low cost activity.  While many people do spend money buying plants and equipment for their gardens, there are also many people who grow more than they need and are usually happy to share their extra plants.  There are also organisations in the community who run plant and seed swaps.

I have a plot at Goldenrod – can I switch to Parkdale-Bullman?

Yes.  For the 2024 season, Goldenrod plot holders will have the option of switching to Parkdale-Bullman when they renew their plot in March.  For subsequent years, if you are interested in a plot at Parkdale-Bullman, please add your name to the waiting list.  If you accept a plot at Parkdale-Bullman, you will need to give up your plot at Goldenrod. 

I’m interested in being more involved with the garden

We are always looking for volunteers to get involved with tasks such as compost, property maintenance and events are always welcomed. To learn more, please contact us at

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