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Newsletter 15 - November 22

Greetings fellow gardeners!

Vole Patrol

Goldenrod has a vole infestation of (arguably) biblical proportions. Perhaps you have noticed? We are looking for a Volunteer to offer guidance on how to manage/outfox this furry varmint. We need someone to gather info then disseminate it back to members, probably via this Newsletter. Please email if you are willing and able to accept this important assignment. This is not a committee thing, you do not have to go to meetings. This is Vole Patrol.


After a wonderful first year of growing at the Goldenrod Community Garden we need your help to continue to grow! We have developed two visioning activities to help the GCG develop the garden further over the coming years: an online event NOV30 at 7pm and via a questionnaire. We are looking for your input, ideas and help so please check out the NOV16 email in your inbox.

Goldenrod Community Garden Plot Waitlist 2022 - ALERT

As you know, in September we were locked out of our Google docs accounts and had to start rebuilding that list from scratch.

Anyone who was on that list must sign up again.

Please go to Goldenrod Garden’s homepage and click the link for Plot Waitlist 2022. Names will be chosen by lottery.

Garden Sharing initiative in Kitchissippi

Westboro Beach Community Association has launched a "garden sharing" initiative in Westboro Beach Community. It's different concept than a community garden, but the spirit is still there. Essentially, two private individuals come to an agreement on sharing a yard / garden for the purposes of vegetable gardening or other kinds of gardening. For more information, please click the link below.

A note from our President, Sara Chen-Wing

On November 8th, representatives from the NCC, our landholder, came to visit the garden for a tour and to discuss any concerns. They commended us for building such a fine looking garden and they are very pleased with the design. Well done interim board and build committee! If we can keep the garden looking tidy, there is an excellent chance our lease will be renewed beyond April 2022. Thank you to all members for taking your trash home and keep your plots tidy.

Your Board is delighted to announce that Carmela Grande has taken on the position of Secretary.

Committee name change:

Please note that Membership Engagement is now called Events


The Events Committee is looking for volunteers to help plan and put on events for next years Community Garden. If you would like to assist in planning and organizing learning, social and community events please email to let us know! No experience in event management necessary.

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